Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Looks a lot like yesterday, only longer

This is gonna get boring real fast. Not the knitting of the afghan, which I'm sure will get boring at some point, but the sharing of pictures of the knitting of the afghan. See.

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Looks a lot like yesterday's picture only longer. My goal is one diamond a day. That should put me seaming in three weeks. But we'll see. I also have to finish the surprise knitting somewhere in there, and possibly Bird's sweater if I get motivated enough to buy buttons. Pictures of finished objects= fun and exciting, but I think pictures of an ever growing panel of knitting will get boring real fast.

I guess I'll just have to entertain myself by telling random stories. Today's story?
How I'm gonna get rich!

I've figured out how I'm going to get rich. Yesterday my Sister calls and wants to know if I wanted some company for the day. I told her I would love company but I really HAD to spend the day cleaning. Not just random picking up, but actual deep pick-the-chewing-gum-out-of-the-carpet-washing-the-chocolate-fingerprints-off-the-walls cleaning. Her reply "I'll come help." Not only did she come over, but she really did help. We cleaned from ten until three. Sheets were changed, toilets were scrubbed, walls were washed, furniture was polished, my two year old was banned from ever chewing gum again. We were so tired, and I don't know about her but my back hurts. But by golly the house looked great for about a half hour, then we let the kids back inside. It's a rare person who will come help you clean, then actually be of some help. I think I'll sell her on e-bay.

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rincaro said...

My sister is the queen of clean. I told her she needs to quit her job at the cable co. and open up her own cleaning business. Hmmm.. I need to book her to help with my house before my mom comes to visit from OH.