Monday, August 08, 2005

Atleast he's got an imagination

Diamond Count = 12!
Two Panels down, three to go. They do take an unimaginable amount of yarn to make. I've made two panels and I'm on my fourth skien of yarn. I think I'm gonna need more yarn than the original 56 ounces the pattern calls for. Thank goodness for no dye lot yarn.

So for Christmas last year we bought Meaty a GeoTrax Train Set. It's really cool. Then The Greatest proceeded to drive me nuts for several months looking for additional track and gadgets, more engines and the like to go with the original set. Stores were sold out for months after Christmas. They finally restocked and we spent a small fortune on the elevation series and more remote controlled engines. The stupid track was bigger than his bed (I've blogged this before and you can find that post here) Anyways we have this huge train set with four remote controlled engines. Mostly Meaty likes to push the trains by hand around the track. The remote controlled engines make him nervous. He can't stand having more than one running on the track at a time. He's afraid they'll run into each other and it just isn't fun for him. But we have this train and he plays with it almost every day. Then yesterday he decides this is a train

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And he spent all afternoon playing with these three blocks of wood leftover from putting Mom's hardwood floor in. Why do I bother buying real toys when they'd rather play with a laundry basket and a block of wood?

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