Friday, August 19, 2005

Big Doofus

Diamond Count = 23

I've got the fourth panel knit. Only one more freakin' panel to go. Honestly I haven't minded knitting this long project. I'm just itchin to start something new, and I'm afraid I'll finish this afghan and not have new yarn in my stash, then I'll be forced to either not knit (my nerves can't take that) or knit Evil (which is equally bad for my nerves). I was going to order the yarn yesterday tight budget be damned but The Greatest had the debit card. Somehow he just knows (or he reads my blog).

I would like to thank everyone who took the time to comment yesterday. When I looked over yesterday's post this morning I had to laugh. I feel like I was begging "Please comment, please validate me, and please link to me." Sometimes I'm such a big doofus. I love ya'll. But if you want to link to me, please go ahead (see I'm a big doofus).


kittensmittens said...

I'm curious, what is the 'Big Evil'?
(you've been linked to my blog for a while now. I know how it is. Sometimes the ego needs to be fed a little. I feel the same way. When I see a link to my blog, yep, I get that warm, happy-dance, oh yeah! feeling)

tArA nIcHoLe said...

Tight budgets suck major bootie... When you finish with your current project... knit barbie clothes out of scrap yarn... or something.... just... don't go insane... that'd be scary...

Marjorie said...

I too am curious as to what the Big Evil is?
And what is next on your radar screen, after you get the last panel finished?