Monday, August 29, 2005

No time for pictures

Just a quick post. Gotta shower and clean the kitchen before I leave for knitting group in, oh, forty-five minutes. Guess the dishes will sit.

Pork Chop had the best time at school. She had music and art. She thought buying her lunch all by herself was the best thing ever. But by far her favorite part was having homework. She was so happy to do her homework. I really should capture these things on video because in a few short years I'll be alternately screaming and begging her to do her homework. But for now school is the greatest thing in her life and she is counting the days until she goes back, as am I.

My Knit Picks order included Andean Silk in Cornflower for the Knitted Corset, Merino Style in Hollyberry for Hopeful, Sock Garden in Star Gazer Lily and Hydrangea for me (maybe I'll make one into socks for the girls), and Essential in Fawn for The Greatest. I should have pictures in 5 to 14 days.

My Official Flower Count = 0

I haven't even ripped out the bad flower yet. I'm a bad knitter. I've been consumed by the Pinwheel Blanket. I picked up the softest baby yarn and it is just beautiful. Unfortunately it's also dk weight and I'm gonna have about 800 stitches by the time I'm done. Next time I'm gonna make it with some super chunky yarn. Pictures later. Gotta hit the showers.

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Jaclyn said...

Hey, as long as the group isn't meeting in your kitchen, those dishes can sit allllll daaaaaaay.
I'm glad PC is loving kindergarten. I hope she keeps thaty attitude for awhile. So far, Peanut is still liking high school, although I'm not sure she loves it.
Ooh, I can't wait to see your yarn! Those colors are great, you have such good taste. Even if you are making a baby blanket with DK yarn ;) Hoo boy, that makes me tired just thinking about it.