Friday, August 26, 2005

Sometimes God Love Me

I've been craving new yarn lately. I go to Knit Picks every day to look at their pretty colors. I about had a heart attack when they came out with a fall line. Who knew yarn came in seasonal lines like clothing? I've been whining for weeks about how I want to order yarn. And today I did it. I wrote a resume for a woman my Mother works with. I not only wrote her a resume, but I made a letter head for her, typed her references, wrote three separate cover letters for three different companies AND I gave her a crash course in basic Microsoft Word so she could put that on her resume. And I got paid to do it! I spent every penny on yarn from Knit Picks. I'm gonna make Hopeful AND the Knitted Corset. I also got three different kinds of sock yarn because they were soooo pretty (well two were so pretty, and one is just brown for The Greatest, can I help it if he only wants to wear brown socks). I'm so excited. I can't wait to get my box of yarn. I might roll around naked on it. I'll be sure to photograph it before I do.

And on a side note, I am LOVING Kindergarten. Pork Chop hasn't come home yet. But I'm starting to remember what afternoons are like with only two children. You put the youngest one down for a nap and set the older on in front of a video, then you are FREE to do whatever you want. I'd better enjoy this while it lasts because in a few weeks I start babysitting my sister's children and this quiet freedom will all be a fond memeory and I'll be back to playing "Go Fish" with my niece while contemplaing the amount of damage a pair of dpns can do.


rincaro said...

What yarn did you pick for your corset? I was perusing that site today and toying with either the andean silk or the shine.

knittinmom said...

Oh, I hope Pork Chop's 1st day of Kindergarten went well! She is such a cutie pie, I'm sure everyone loved her. You got me thinking w/ that pinwheel baby blanket... I have been obsessed w/ baby blankets lately, too, but only because 1) I have a baby and 2) it seems like everyone I know is having babies. You also got me thinking about Knit Picks... I am up to my eyeballs in unstarted projects, but you can always use a couple more, am I right?