Monday, August 22, 2005

I think I've created a monster

Diamond Count = 25.5 (only 2.5 diamonds to go!)

So I've been blogging for almost eight months. I really like it. I'm always looking at things and thinking "I should blog this". It's border-line obsession. But I've realized that's nothing compared to The Greatest. He decided on Saturday that he needed a blog. He wanted me to help him set it up. I'd forgotten how picky the Man can be sometimes.
"Let's try this template"
"No Wait what about this one"
"no try this one"
"just one more"
"can we try this color"
"no change it back"
"no wait change it to the second one again"
"no change it back"
"that picture is too big"
"now it's too small"
"why is it so blurry"
"can we get rid of the blogger bar at the top?"
"why not"
"what's that symbol"
"can you change this"
"what about this"
"no change it all back"
"what do you mean you want a divorce?"

But then end result was pretty good and I think it's got potential.


Here is the extreme downside to The Greatest having his own blog. I have an e-mail address. It is my name, my full name, my entire here-I-am-please-stalk-me-like-that-guy-did-in-'97-name. I don't want that anywhere near my blog or my children, so I've been using HIS very anonymous e-mail address for my blog. Comments get sent there. My photobucket account is in his user name. My stats counter is in his user name. So he is a little unhappy with me. He has to come up with a new user name to access these resources. I offered to share the photobucket account with him, but then he pissed me off. He was looking at photos and asking questions like "why are there japanese beetle pictures in here" (hello, did he not read my ode to the japanese beetle) Then he wanted to know why there was a picture of a Victoria Secret model in there (hello, again did he not see this) And I realized that no, he did not read my blog at all. So that time last week I thought he stole the debit card just to keep me from ordering yarn because he read on my blog that I was going to? Just coincidence. I'm off to order yarn (ok that last part is pure fantasy, but wouldn't it have been nice)

I've gotten inquiries as to what Evil is. Evil is a sweater I'm knitting for The Greatest. He couldn't find a pattern he liked so he brought me his favorite sweater and told me to just copy that. Then we ordered the 100% wool yarn in a huge cone off e-bay and the wool is very twine like. The test swatches all came out nice and soft and wearable after washing, but the yarn before washing is very unpleasant to work with. The entire sweater is stressful, there is no pattern, and the yarn actually rubs the skin off my finger if I knit with it too long. So I've dubbed the sweater Evil. I made a quilt for The Greatest. It took five years to get around to finishing it. I think I'm looking at a similar timeline for his sweater.


kittensmittens said...

sucks that the yarn for evil is so ... evil to knit. and i suppose you can't really drop the project either. o well, i suppose a 5 year knitting plan is the next best thing.
good luck

Marjorie said...

ah, you are using unscoured yarn meant for weaving. When buying coned yarn, there are a few that are still coned that are scoured, ready for knitting, but most are unscoured. That is why it is so unpleasant to run through your fingers and knit with but is fine after washing.
won't help much knowing that now, but for 'next time' you'll know. Look for yarn that is labelled 'scoured for knitting'

Sorry you're having such a hard time with it.