Thursday, August 25, 2005

Big News

Diamond Count = 28!!!!!!

All done knitting diamonds. My delight lasted about five seconds when I realized two things.

1. I have nothing to knit now except Evil.

2. I have to duplicate knit 28 freakin' flowers.

I figured that since I was going to spend a lot of time with a darning needle I should make peace with it and finish the hand sewing on the surprise knitting. So I did. Now like Bird's cabled sweater all the surprise knitting needs is buttons (see the holy trinity of three finished objects at a time taking shape). So today I shall begin sewing on flowers, although I'm getting paid to write a resume for someone and I need to finish that, and I've got a cute little pink purse I started for Pork Chop that I would like to have done to give her tomorrow after her first full day of school (that doesn't count as having something to knit, it just needs bound off and seamed, should take less than a half hour).

I've got a ton of patterns just waiting to be knit, they just need yarn. I've got christmas knitting to start. I've got Hopeful and the Knitted Corset. I want to make a scarf for my Dad. Yet for some inexplicable reason I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of making a Pinwheel Baby Blanket. I hope that doesn't mean anything.


rincaro said...

Are you familiar with my cotton ease hoarding disease? I've got some colors I don't adore...

tArA nIcHoLe said...

that pinwheel blanket is cute. My psychic powers tell me that You only want to knit it because it's interesting and you want to know how it knits up. My powers also tell me that you are not with child and that you are just paranoid.

tArA nIcHoLe said...

have you ordered your yarn for hopeful yet??

Jaclyn said...

I'm sure you're safe. *I* now want to knit that blanket, and it's scientifically impossible for that to mean something.
Look on the bright side, 28 duplicate stitch flowers should keep Evil at bay for a looong time. I kinda like duplicate stitch...but all I had to do was the little skull on the pirate dress.
I am in knitting debt. I have three long-overdue gifts on the needles and a gajillion projects lined up after that. I don't even need yarn so much as I need time...and to learn to stop volunteering myself for so many projects at once.