Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Avoiding the flowers, one day at a time

Official Flower Count = -1

What can I say? There is nothing I can say to defend myself. I'm still working on Pork Chops socks. I can't help it. They're fascinating to watch knit. They have the cutest thin stripes. I just love it. See.


I'm almost to the heel. Then I think I want to do a thin cable up the leg, but I think I'll have to turn the sock inside out so when I fold the cuff down the cable will show. I'll figure it out. I also want to make a matching pair for Bird if I have enough yarn left over. They would be so cute. I have a sickness where I have to dress my girls in similar or better yet matching outfits. Besides take a look at this poor Baby

Why won't Mommy buy me real toys?

She's so deprived she has to play in a shoe box. She deserves a pair of hand-knitted socks. Wonder if she would actually wear them or if I would have another Cable Sweater on my hands. I've truly got an illness. I want to knit things for my daughter who refuses to wear them, meanwhile I've got The Greatest who supports my knitting habit, buys me yarn, buys me fancy needles I would never buy for myself, and is all around completely wonderful. He just wants one lousy sweater and I go to great lengths to avoid working on it. I'm got a problem. Ok to be honest I've got problems. I'll get help after I finish the heel turn...and the cables...and the matching pair for Bird...and the pink/yellow pair for me...

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rincaro said...

I'm making short socks in a lacy pattern of my hydrangea, so I may well have a hunk leftover that you could use for baby socks! :)