Thursday, September 01, 2005

My new favorite thing

My new very favorite thing in the whole wide world, the thing I may love more than my children, The Greatest and life itself is....SCHOOL. I just love sending Pork Chop to school. As a small bonus she loves it too.

Yesterday I packed her up and put her on the bus. While I blogged yesterday Meat and Bird sat on a step looking at books together. I ran a few errands and for some reason it was easier with just two children, despite the fact that those children both wanted carried at the same time. I was in and out and even bought them M&Ms because they were just being so good. Then after lunch I put Bird down for a nap and put Dumbo on for Meaty, but without anyone to play with HE took a much needed nap. The house was silent and I got to knit for an hour and a half uninterrupted. I also got to watch my soaps. I haven't watched them in weeks, yet somehow I haven't missed much. Marlene still has amnesia, Sammy is still lying, Whitney is still in a convent, and Ethan is still a spineless idiot. Then the children got up just in time to get Pork Chop from the bus. They were so excited to see each other after their long separation the three children played together while I made a proper dinner for a change (chicken Parmesan with noodles, steamed broccoli and salad).

I felt like my day was a Norman Rockwell painting. These are the parenting days you dream about when you're rubbing your pregnant belly swollen with your first child, before you are hit with the sleep-deprived mess of bodily fluids that really is parenthood. It was truly magical, tantrums were minimal, children were cooperative and I didn't once have to pull out the steam cleaner. If only every day could pull together so seamlessly.

My flower count is still 0. It ought to be -1 because I still have to rip out the bad flower. My Pinwheel Blanket is up to 680 stitches. I'm to the border and hope to cast off today. Then it's Rosebud City for me. Chant with me: I will be good I will not swatch, I will be good, I will not swatch, I will be good, I will not swatch, I will be good, I will not swatch much.


knittinmom said...

Ohhh, I hope my life turns out this well when Sydney goes off to preschool! Unfortunately, she'll only be there for three hours... Only 16 years and counting until she's off to college!

Jennifa said...

Woo hoo! Another Days fan. I think my favorite thing to happen in the past few weeks is when Marlena starts crying and calling herself a whore.