Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Now I've gone and done it

I've always said the quickest way to get knocked off you're high horse is to climb up on it. And yesterday I got on my high horse. I publicly and proudly declared my new allegiance to Addi Turbos. I publically shunned the Boyd needles that had stood by me for five years. Needles that knit me my first real project (a baby blanket), and my first real sweater (Marnie's Gothic Lace sweater). Needles that technically hadn't done anything bad to me or my yarn.

And I was feeling smart yesterday. I had cast-on for the knitted corset and gotten all the way to the ribbing without any screw-up. Sure my armholes were too tight, but I was going to frog and use a different technique with those anyways. But the charts, no problem, and I'm using version two, they're up to revision five. So I was feeling pretty smart for using version two and having no trouble.

And I felt like I was getting the hang of this kid thing. So much so that I was going to go to the yarn store with all five children to pick up my adulterous Addi needles (what was I thinking, cheating in front of the children).

Oh how the mighty have fallen.

First let me recount the yarn store fiasco. It was a tiny one. My mother took the oldest girls on an unscheduled day trip yesterday so I only had Meaty, Bird, and Squeaky. Three children all under the age of three. We drive fifteen minutes to the LYS only to find it has changed it's hours and is now closed on mondays. No new needles for me. Plus Bird has fallen asleep at the unearthly early hour of 11:00 am. She sleeps a grand total of tweny minutes in the car and refuses her afternoon nap only to pass out on the couch at five, be in a bad mood for the rest of the evening and go to bed an hour late.

So I think I've got a handle on the child thing. After the girls return from their day trip where they eat nothing but ice cream we all go outside to play. Except Squeaky in napping, and my baby monitor is packed in the garage somewhere so I keep running in and out to make sure she is still sleeping, and I drive myself crazy. At some point in the afternoon Meaty and Bird decide to run away to the neighbor's house. She was gracious enough to bring them back. But when she did I was inside checking on Squeaky. I'm sure she thinks I was letting them roam the neighborhood with absolutely no supervision. From now on we don't play outside unless all five children are awake.

And as for the needles. The Gods of Knitting are displeased with me. I have offended them with my arrogance and hubris. I decided to wait until I could get new needles to work on my corset, so I turned to my afghan. I knit a new flower using only two shades of yellow instead of three. I also made it vertical instead of horizontal. I like the effect better, but I realized that I need a darker shade of light green. It should really be more of a medium green. I also realized that I just hate this flower and I need to find a different design or have The Greatest make me a different design because I'm never going to be happy with this rose.

I tried to take pictures for my blog, but my camera batteries dies and I can't find the new batteries. I've got a box somewhere. I thought they were right on the computer desk. I have pictures of the flowers and the Boyds. I was going to make fun of them and show how they are bent wierd and how the points are all scratched. I was going to say that the Patron Saint of Knitting weeps at the thought of me knitting with these terrible needles. The Gods of Knitting are displeased and stole my batteries. (that or I put them all in Meaty's train and forgot).

So I turn to my Boyds and my corset. I had to cast on four times yesterday. I kept losing or adding stitches. Nothing I did came out right. And my needles were shedding color. My Left index finger earned a blue streak for my trouble. It is angry. I am penetent. Please forgive me, and don't turn my silk/alpaca blend blue.

I'm still running out and buying the Addi's today if I can steal a half hour. I'm sure I'll have a tale of fresh wrath tomorrow. That or this is all a challenge to see if I deserve the Addis. Testing me to see if I want them badly enough, making me earn them.

On the plus side I do have The Greatest's blessing to buy them. Try the argument on your husbands. It might work. Be sure to use the word "investment." Candsmom is right. Men love that word!


Miriam said...

definitely a test. Addis are clearly superior and your evil Boye bastard needles were trying to make your life hell before they get thrown away or relegated to the back of the stash closet. Although trying to knit cotton with addis? Scary. Stick to bamboo in that case. So Addis are not the be all and end all, but they're still the BEST! :D

candsmom said...

Man, are those Boye needles Devil's spawn or something?? What the hell?! (pun intended) Hell hath no fury like Boye needles scorned! That certainly was a series of unfortunate (but hilarious, for the reader, anyway! :)) events. And oh, do I know about the ramifications of the unintended/unintentional nap. Now I've got to print out yesterday's post now so I can rehearse the investment spiel before DH gets home. :)

jacki said...

Maybe it's a test of your devotion to Addis...no, you're right, it's probably punishment. I'm sure the Knitting Gods will make it up to you when they realize that you're not *really* a yarn snob.

Meghan said...

Really you aren't a snob - you just know when to make a good investment.