Sunday, September 18, 2005


As a mother of three children I thought I knew tired. I thought I'd been there and pretty much done all that. I've been up all night with two sick children before. I've stayed up breast feeding newborns every forty-five minutes and then taken care off my family all day long just to stay up the next night breast feeding all over again. I thought I knew. But I've learned all I know is sleep-deprivation. Now I know exhaustion.

My sister went back to work last week and I am now the proud caregiver to her almost five year old daughter and her 12 week old baby, in addition to my own three children. Don't get me wrong. I love it. Her older daughter who will hence forth be called Bounce because that is all she does, she bounces from idea to idea all day long, with boundless energy...where was I going with this? Oh yeah, Bounce is funny, soooo funny. And the baby, Squeaky (cause she doesn't cry she squeaks) is so pretty. I love her little square face. But it's a lot of physical work. I can barely check my e-mail, let alone blog. The only time I knit this week was when I took my Mom to chemo and when I went to knitting group on Friday. I'm exhausted. I literally fall asleep as soon as the children do. I'm tired. This is going to take some getting used to.

In the realm of happy happy happy news. I'm moving in two weeks. We've been staying with my Parents since May, and now it is time for us to move out into our own little apartment for a while. The apartment is next door to Pork Chop's school, so she can walk and I can watch her the entire time. No more bus stop with four children in the rain for us. I'm so happy. Blogging might get sporatic for a bit, and might diappear entirely depending on how long it takes to get the dsl hooked-up in the apartment. But hang in there.

In the realm of general musings, would it be wrong if I refused to knit on anything but Addi turbos, or if I knit all future projects on my size 0 addi turbos until I can afford to buy more. I don't want to be a snob, but I definatly have snob potential.

And finally leave you here's a conversation between my Mom and Bounce while reading a book

"Grammy, what's that with the witch"

"A cat"

"why does she have a cat"

"Some witches just do. Some have cats"

"Aunt Goddess (that's me) has a cat"

"Yes, yes she does"

Should I be offended?


candsmom said...

Oh goodness, taking care of FIVE children??! I have to take another swig of coffee just *thinking* about it. You deserve to be canonized! :) Congratulations on the new place! It's exhausting to move (like you need more of that!!) but always exciting, too. And I give you permission to knit EVERYTHING on size 0 Addi Turbos. It helps justify my using my size 7's to knit EVERYTHING.:) Thank you for all your nice comments; I love your site, too! Aunt Goddess, eh? I may have to steal that one. ;)

knittinmom said...

ugh - I can't imagine taking care of five. Two is a stretch most of the time! I think you deserve Addis in every size, just for being the awesome mommy/caregiver that you are!

We will miss you terribly while you're moving!!!

Anonymous said...

You know, we should just build a shrine to Addi Turbos. I heard about them, tried a pair for my first real project and fell in love. Now the cost of a new set of Addis has to be figured into all my project costs until I own every size! I fully agree with the snob thing - we have been ruined for everything else!