Friday, September 02, 2005

Didn't Dahlmer start out this way?

I was feeling domestic yesterday and I did a boatload of laundry. As I was carrying a load of folded sheets upstair to put in the linen closet I passed Pork Chop's bedroom and was surprized to see her just laying on her bed in the middle of the day. I asked if she was alright.

"Yeah, but I'm just a little sad"

Sitting on the bed
"Why are you sad baby?"

"Well, I'm pretending I had a hamster named Toby, but he died, and the heating vent is his grave and I put my Princess Pillow at the top so people will know he's buried there, and now I'm sad cause he's dead."

"Is everything alright Baby?"

"Yeah, I'm just playing."

OK, a little odd, but role playing is good right? It's a good thing that she's got an imagination and not at all wierd that she's role playing a dead hamster. So I go and put the sheets away. As I pass her room a second time I hear.

"Toby is that you?"

And she starts frantically clawing at the carpet by the vent.

"Whatcha doin' Pork Chop?"

"I thought I heard Toby, so I need to dig him up and see if he's still alive."

OK then, I'm just gonna go do more laundry and pretend I didn't see this. I'm sure pretending to bury your hamster alive is completely normal behavior and not at all an indicator of homocidal tendencies.

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