Monday, September 19, 2005

Personal snobbery

By nature I am not a snob. I try very hard to be inclusive of other people's choices. I naively believe that most people are good honest people and the choices they make are ones they truly believe are the best for their lives/goal/dreams/personalities etc. While these choices may not be the best for me (and in some cases not the best choices for the people making the decisions) I try to be understanding and not look down on anyone else for the decisions they make. I was very much an outcast in high school. I know being judged harshly hurts, so I try not to judge other people.

Having said that I think I'm turning into a snob.

Yesterday I finished Bird's socks. She loves them. She actually likes having me put them on her. It's the polar opposite of her reaction to the cable sweater (which still needs blocked and buttons). I'm so happy. I digress.

After finishing the socks I toyed with the idea of making other socks. I still have yarn for two more pairs of socks. But I realized that I really didn't want to make another pair of socks. I just wanted to keep using my Addis. So instead I swatched and cast on for the Knitted Corset (see button on side for link to corset along). A project that requires size six needles, not two size zero circular wonderful Addis. So far things with the corset are going well, I've got the top hem, the armhole and an inch of the ribbing done. I haven't hit the complicated charts that everyone has trouble with. Although my bind off for the arm holes is too tight and I have to frog it and try again. Again I digress. I'm talking about snobbery.

Here's where the snobbery part comes in. I'm knitting my corset on an old pair of size six Boyd needles. They are old and scratched up and I hate them. The bend is weird, the cord is awkward, the are too thick. In short they are everything my Addis aren't. I hate them. Sure my knitting is fine. Addis don't improve the quality of my knitting. They aren't magic needles that ensure my stitches are even and my gauge is always right. They just make the knitting experience itself more enjoyable. So much so that today I am going to take all five children to my LYS to pick up a pair of size six Addis. I really need a new pair of size six circulars anyways. Did I mention that the points on mine are all scratched up? And as long as I'm buying a size I obviously use a lot (how do you think they go all scratched up)I might as well buy a quality pair that will last. Plus I can turn around and use them to knit Hopeful. I know I don't need to justify myself to you, but I might have to with The Greatest. Especially since payday isn't until Friday and I'm buying them today. I think I have a sound argument going. What do you think?

And if you knit with Boyd circular needles I promise not to think less of you, this is just the right decision for MY knitting needs.


rincaro said...

I really haven't become a yarn snob so much, but I have become a needle snob.

Two kinds - the addi turbos (I now have 3's, 5's, 6's, and 8's) and my crystal palace bamboo dpns.

candsmom said...

I think you've got a pretty good argument going....throw in the word, "investment" a couple of times, too. Men love that stuff. :-) He won't even know that you've out-argued him. If you do a REALLY good job, he might even suggest you pick up a couple more Addis. Or not. But we can dream. :-) And let me know how it goes so I can try it on my DH, too. ;-) LOL

Jennifa said...

I think enjoying the experience is one of the biggest parts of knitting. Good needles ARE an investment, because it means you won't hate working on a project. I'm partial to bamboo, Denises, Inox, and those old vintage plastic needles :)