Friday, September 09, 2005

This afternoon I promise

I know I promised pictures today, but I've got a half hour until I need to leave for knitting group and I still haven't had a shower. Can't be the stinky girl with the pretty yarn. Gotta blow off the blog in favor of showering. I would have had time, but at seven thirty I remembered that today is a school day. So I had to get Pork Chop ready for school. Then I realized we hadn't done her homework yet. When I pulled out her homework (coloring shapes, I love Kindergarten) I found flyers to picture day and scholastic book orders, both were due TODAY. TODAY IS PICTURE DAY! So then we had a mad scramble to find something to wear for pictures, plus arguing over how to do her hair (I won the clothes battle, lost the hair). Had to pick out picture packets and choose books (I can't let my child be the only kid in class without a book order, I remember how sad that felt). Had to write checks. I was making her eat her cheerios as we were walking out the door to get to the bus stop. But by golly we got to the bus stop on time. The younger two were still in their pajamas and I was only vaguely dressed (maybe that's why the bus driver is always waving at me) but we were there. The universe is against me today.

On the plus side I got tagged. I love getting tagged. I'll do that this afternoon too. I promise. Really I will. I'll skip making dinner today so I'll have time to blog. The kids can have cheerios for two out of three meals right?

In an unrelated not Knitty is up and I love Josephine. I'll never have time to knit it. Anyone want to knit it for me?

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Jennifa said...

I LOOOVED the scholastic book order. Those were some of my favorite parts of school. Me=geek.