Monday, September 12, 2005

Tag I'm it!

Just for the record I'm neglecting four children and feeding a fifth child a bottle while I type this one handed.

Hope the other four don't
a) learn to count
b) realize how hideously they out number me and
c) stage a bloody coup

Having said that, here I go

Ten years ago

I was 19, starting my sophomore year of college. I was rooming with my very best friend in the whole wide world. I had a boyfriend I had been dating all summer (little did I know he was the Anti-Christ) and I had just dyed my hair jet black and got it cut in a long bob with bangs. I thought I looked good. (and just for the record I did, I got a lot of compliments on that look although when I did it I didn't realize I was going to look so much like Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction). I was very happy at the time. I was young and pretty and in love (never mind he was the wrong guy).

Five years ago

I was living in Chicago in military housing with The Greatest. Pork Chop was just a few months old and she had colic. She had colic until she was six months old. She would cry everyday from 3:00 to 11:00. It was so awful. I was actually relieved to go back to work because that meant I could escape the screaming for a few hours each day (nevermind the mommy guilt I felt from being relieved to leave my child). The Greatest and I were also overjoyed to have this baby we had worked so hard to conceive. We were over the moon over our tiny miracle. I gave up quilting around this time. I kept losing straight pins and I was terrified the baby would roll on or crawl on an errant pin. I learned to knit. I figured I could keep track of two knitting needles. Little did I know it would become an obsession, and knitting needles are harder to keep track of than one might think.

One year ago

Fall last year was when our bad year started. Nuff said on the bad part. Bird was just a month older that Pork Chop was five years before that. And despite her being a big surprise we were equally over the moon over her. The Greatest and I have always taken great joy in being together and with our children. No matter how bad things get as long as we can still laugh together I know we'll be alright.

Five Snacks

This is what I'm all about FOOD
Chocolate Ice Cream with marshmallow topping
Oreos with Milk
Cheese Cake, but real not Jello (although that will do in a pinch)
Dairy Queen Chocolate Lovers Ice Cream Cake

How bad is it that four of five were some form of chocolate and three were ice cream, no wonder I've been gaining weight lately.

Five Songs I Know All the Words To

What I got by Sublime
Santa Monica by Everclear
Mr. Jones by Counting Crows
Victor Vito by Lori Berkner
Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani (it's Pork Chop's favorite song)

Five things I would do with a Million Dollars

buy a house for my parents
buy myself a house
have a college fund for my kids
have one more child
become a yarn and needle snob, but always remember my acrylic roots

Five Places to run away to

Is this after I win the lottery or on my current budget?

Pennsylvania in the fall
the beach any where where the water is warm
the Mediterranean (that covers Spain, Italy, turkey, the whole Mediterranean sea)
my swing out back
cheesy motel where I spent my honeymoon

Five things I would never wear

halter tops, I've got no boobs to hold them up
leg warmers
pointy toed shoes, my feet are too wide
daisy duke shorts (are they still called that? I fear I'm showing my age these days)

This last one is something I regret I'll never wear.
A big fancy white wedding dress with a veil. I didn't have one when I married The Greatest. I wore a simple cream colored lace dress with cream roses in my hair. It was fine, but I'm always filled with longing when I look at a bride in a fancy white dress. I wanna wear one, I wanna look like a princess, but since I don't intend on being married again I guess I'll pass. If not wearing a white dress at my wedding is my only regret in life, then I have lived a charmed life indeed.

Five favorite TV shows

The Family Guy, so funny it's wrong, or is it so wrong it's funny
Prisons Break, it's new, I like it
Days of our lives, I've been watching this since I was 12, that's over half my life now invested in these people
Boston Legal, two words, Danny Crane
Dora the Explorer, hey the four potential rebels are currently watching it right now

Five biggest joys

My family
My friends
My yarn
a really clean house (I think that says something bad about me and I need help)

Five favorite toys

does my yarn count again
digital camera
my blog
my Palm
my new fancy camera phone

Five people to pass this on to

I think everyone I "know" has done this. If you stumble by my blog and you haven't done this please feel free to run with it. It was fun. Thanks Knittin' Mom

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jaclyn said...

I bet you looked great with your hair like that. I always wanted to dye my hair black, but color always fades from my hair so fast I was always afraid it'd end up grey.
Maybe on a big anniversary, like ten years or something, you and The Greatest can do that neat 'renew our vows' thing where you have another wedding, and you can wear a big fancy gown then. I don't think I'm going to get a 'real' wedding, so I'm thinking of making myself a lacey, cabley wedding sweater, and then I'll just need a skirt to go with it. Come to think of it, I bet Hopeful would make a good wedding sweater if I can get my arms in cap-sleeve condition.
thanks for your prayers. I really missed reading your blog. I got online for a couple minutes last week, so I checked in, but I didn't have time to comment. Those socks are too cute, and I'm sure Pork Chop is fine. Maybe one of her classmates recently lost a pet, and she's trying to understand the grieving process. Kids are strange.
I love that hat. You're gonna have to wear it the next time you model an FO.