Monday, September 26, 2005

Did you know Corsets are really tight?

What's this?

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Is this an almost finished silk corset, knit on size 6 Addi Turbo circular needles (they really mean turbo), that just needs blocked and ends woven in, and buttons?

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Nope, guess not. It really needs to be almost two inches longer. Unfortunately that involves ripping the I-cord bind off (a very cool technique) and 26 rows of lace and ribbing so I can add the length to the torso. I'm also not sure about the fit. I knit a size 38 inch chest, even though my own bosom is a mere flat 35 inches because I have heard this pattern runs small. But I could barely close the garment. I am hoping this will change after blocking, or I could just be smoking crack. There is plenty of give to the ribbing on the side and the back. I can easily pull the stupid thing over my head, but when it is on the silk corset feels like a... well... its tight like a corset. Plus I'm going to add sleeves. And since the pattern is sleeveless I'm really just going to wing it. I'm afraid the entire thing is going to be a disaster.

I blame this on Boyd.

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Meet Boyd.

Sure he looks unassuming, but that scratchy aluminum contains a devious, diabolical mind.

Do not underestimate him merely because he lacks unopposable thumbs (or any thumbs for that matter) he is a cunning and crafty adversary.

He has been quiet since I banished him to the garage.

But I fear is he quiet because he is plotting his revenge.

I fear he is going to do something to sabotage my move this weekend.

Something against which I have no recourse.

I fear he will make it rain.

Did you know Boyd controls the weather?


anmiryam said...

Boyd is evil. He will never reform. Make sure he is guarded well.

I hope the corset blocks out to the size you want it so you can foil Boyd's evil plans!

rincaro said...

maybe boyd needs love. find someone who will love boyd. (just not me).

it's beautiful btw.

kimberly said...

Bad Boyd. Bad.
Oh well, you picked a good color for your corset. Me too. Luckily I knit big on mine because I was afraid I would run into the way too tight problem, too. I hope yours blocks to fit. Pics of mine will be up soon. Cool blog. Knit on!

shizzknits said...

Ok, now y'all are scaring me with the sizing issues. When I was on the KAL group the designer kept insisting that the corset is really meant to be tight fitting. I'm a 38ish bust so I went ahead and knit the small. After all the trouble it's taken to knit the darned thing so far, I'd have to finish it and find it doesn't fit.

Lovely color you picked.

jaclyn said...

You should put Boyd in a box. Then put that box in a bigger box. And then mail that box to yourself. And when it arrives, you should SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!

I'm so sorry. I couldn't resist.
Well, it looks terrific. And you're brilliant, so I'm sure you'll do great with the sleeves.

kittensmittens said...

hmm, maybe some ritual sacrifce will please Boyd. ('Cause if Boyd really controls the weather...)

Your corset really does look very nice. you've given me new motivation to finish mine. I'm kinda hoping that by some miracle it will fit. But that is already looking iffy, and if what you say happens to mine,... well maybe there is a twig that wants to dress up.
Our colors do look alike. What are you using?

weren't there instructions on adding little sleeves with the pattern? could follow those and make them a bit longer.

Meghan said...

The corset looks excellent. I am using the same yarn and the same color, but haven't yet received the yarn to start on it yet. Let us know if it shrinks or stretches after blocking please. I am still not sure what size to make and that info will help tremendously. I am a member of the knitalong as well so you could always post it there too. Otherwise my knitting email is calamknitty at

Meghan said...

By the way, I looked at your FO list and the Nicole camisole is to die for! And the color is perfect. It is definitely on a list of future projects for me now too.

Jeanie said...

Hi there! I'm new to your blog but absolutely LOVE your corset -- and yes, you've motivated me to finish mine as well!!! I'm about a 34" bust but am making the size 38" and yes, it's still tight on me too! But here's the thing... and I'm hoping you haven't already frogged your top yet, but Stephanie from the Yarn Harlot did a sample swatch that actually stretched (a lot) after she got it wet! Sooooo.... maybe if you just try blocking it and stretching it in length, you may not need to frog! Just a thought. It is absolutely stunning though. Going to look at your FO's now! Glad I found your blog :-)

Oh, and I must have missed the Boyd issue, so I'll have to see what's up with that too!

Jeanie said...

Okay, it's me again. I had a look at your FO's and they are awesome!!! You do beautiful work! I also wanted to ask you about Belle Epoch. It was on my to do list, but I'm having second thoughts. Yours is stunning, but if you had it to do over again, would you? I wish it had some shaping to it instead of just one long tube... I suppose I could always add my own shaping... What do you think about the pattern? Oh, and the Nicole Cami is awesome!

Amy said...

So I went looking for the yarn you were using on the Corset KAL page, and I have to say I freaked out a bit to see my name on there, and then I realized that was *your* post. Too weird for me, as I've been reading your blog and LOL at the antics of your children (I have 3 also and #4 is due in Dec) for months now. (Insert Twilight Zone theme here)
I love the way the Andean Silk looks... the cornflower would have been my choice as well, except the corset plans were waylaid for awhile until the belly returns to normal.
And what did you use for your Belle Epoque? That is just such a gorgeous yarn.