Thursday, September 08, 2005


Official Flower Count = -1

I know, I know. Why do I keep torturing myself by thinking about it? I should just knit my socks and be happy. Speaking of socks, they are coming along beautifully but I won't bore you with another picture of stripes until I've finished the heel. Instead here's a picture The Greatest took of a hummingbird in our backyard.

Pretty Bird

What relevance does this have to anything? None really. I just thought it was cool.

And here is a picture of Bird playing with bubbles.

Image hosted by

Again no real relevance, just cute. And for the record I about hyperventilated myself blowing all those bubbles. No, not really. I've got a cool bubble gun. In fact I sat out last night listening to the crickets and playing with the bubble gun long after the children had grown bored with it and gone inside. It was so peaceful, and the bubbles were so pretty floating in the light breeze. One of those perfect autumn nights that makes you long for a few more months of summer instead of the long looming winter.

Mostly today I am stalling for time. I've got finished objects. I've got about eight pictures to show and a story of knitting stupidity, but I can't show it until tomorrow. You'll know why tomorrow. Cryptic isn't it. Come back tomorrow.

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knittinmom said...

Since you're trying to waste time...

*tag* - you've been tagged for a meme. See the questions on my blog (and if I've got time to answer them all, so do you!)